An Introduction to the Chinese Chamber

The Chinese chamber promotes trade between our region and China, strengthening exports and creating jobs. We also work to increase visibility of Asian professionals in the community.

According to the International Trade Association, the Cincinnati metropolitan area exported $20 billion in 2012, ranking 16th in the nation. China was a major recipient.

Clearly, we have businesses in the area that trade with China. Nevertheless, these businesses tend to falter as they hit obstacles when trading with China. The area’s needs and experiences vary. Some companies look to offer advice while others seek it. So, the Chinese chamber exists to act as a hub of networking to connect like-minded people and provide them a venue for sharing their knowledge. We achieve this goal mainly through hosting events and sharing content through digital media.

Meanwhile, the chamber takes an active role in the region’s Diverse by Design initiative, which is a push by the business community to increase accessibility to ideas from all cultures. The community has seen a rise in Asian professionals and their passion to become a more visible part of the community. The chamber is working with these individuals to build a stronger, more inclusive community.

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