Chinese Chamber adds leg-up to Silicon Valley pitch

Start-ups are always looking for a game-winning leg-up.

In the case of 3DLT, they got just what they needed from the Chinese Chamber.

Our executive director, Evan Brooks, was approached late Tuesday night to help the Northern Kentucky start-up, 3DLT, make their pitch to Chinese investors at Silicon Valley this weekend. Evan knew right away that the chamber had to pool all of their resources into this opportunity: After all, bringing Chinese investment to the region is our No. 1 priority.

See the Cincinnati Enquirer story here

The team is headed to Silicon Valley to compete in the Dark Horse Competition, which pools groups of Chinese and Western investors to award capital to the start-ups with the best pitches.

Brad Zapp, a financial adviser specializing in start-up companies, knew he needed a business liaison to connect better to the Chinese judges. So, he reached the best possible source in the region: The Greater Cincinnati Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

We sent Diana Hou, our project coordinator, with the team to help make the deal. With such a leg-up, it’s hard to say 3DLT will face much competition.

They’ll be competing over the weekend. So, stay tuned for the results.


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